What is Bourbon Classic?

Bourbon Classic brings together the best of the Bourbon and culinary worlds through a collection of rare, interactive events. Infused with exceptional tastings, workshops and unrivaled sips, these events are sure to thrill any Bourbon connoisseur and enthusiast. 

Who Will Attend?

The Bourbon Classic has been carefully designed to appeal to two primary audiences. The first is the Bourbon Connoisseur. This is the expert who finds value in the legacy, quality and prestige that is embodied in this spirit. The second is the Bourbon Enthusiast.

When and Where Will the Event Take Place?

The eighth annual Bourbon Classic will take place Feburary 26 - 29, 2020. All Friday and Saturday events will be held at The Henry Clay. Events earlier in the week will be at various locations.

What Activities are Planned?

Highlights of the agenda include the following:
  • Bourbon Classic TOP SHELF
  • Bourbon Classic SAVOR
  • Friday evening Bourbon Classic Cocktail & Culinary Challenge
  • Bourbon Classic University educational sessions for specific bourbon-related tips and techniques
  • Bourbon Classic TASTE, featuring exhibits and tastings from key vendors

Who is my Media Contact?

Media inquiries can be directed to Michelle Romero at

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